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Jimmy and Laine,

Your work and the work of your organization has already benefited our community. Two weeks ago three of my lifeguards rescued two guys from the strong currents and waves at Playa Twin Dolphins. This was very scary for me because my officer on duty that Sunday called my home to tell me that two of my lifeguards were having trouble exiting the ocean. I moved more personnel to the scene, and responded there myself.

When I arrived I was very worried as I could see very large waves and my lifeguards in the middle trying to get out of them. More than 200 people were watching the scene including all the rescue teams of the City, Navy, Police Departments, as well as news reporters and many others. My officer in charge told me about the great rescue Josue had made - Josue is one of the youngest in the lifeguarding program, last academy you awarded him for improving his skills - he rescued one of the victims by himself, then went back out to help the other lifeguards with the second victim.

The current was so strong they had to swim to open water where a boat from the Navy was used to save the life of the second victim. There was only enough room on the boat for the victim and one of my lifeguards, the other two had to swim back to the beach. The currents got them, they were very tired and the waves moved them like dolls. I was watching the whole operation and was very worried for their lives, but they were smart and waited for moments when the current weakened and then they moved little by little, they spent almost 2 hours swimming but in the end they made it! The crowd applauded them, they needed oxygen and rest, and I was so proud of them for saving the lives of those two people.

I think that this is worth all the work that you guys have been doing with our people. THANKS TO YOU GUYS AND ALL YOUR WORK AND CLASSES, TWO LIVES WERE SAVED!

Thanks a lot and God bless all of you.

Your friend,
Lic. Juan Antonio Carbajal Figueroa
Comandante de Bomberos en Cabo San Lucas

Workflow Applications, Inc., Del Mar, CA